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Social Fun

Given Cricket Wireless's already vibrant brand essence, we decided to take it a bit further and team of a handful of talented artists to see where they would take our characters! I can honestly say this was some of the most fun I've had resourcing for a project. We ended up working with artists like pop-art illustration phenoms Craig & Karl, Peewee’s Playhouse puppeteering icon Wayne White, Brosmind and some designers within our agency! And we didn't stop there—we even took this concept into WWE, turning their stars into hilarious, trippy cartoons.

Other Outlets
Art by Brosmind
Art by Brosmind
Art by Brittany Rivera


Creative Director- Matt Kelsen

ACD Art - Brittany Rivera

ACD Copy - Jacque Vavroch

Lead Designer - Katie Meza

Copywriter - Sarah Sutton

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