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Recent Project

Tiny Bakery

About my work

I am an Art Director with a love for design, but a bit of a strategy nerd as well. Working between San Francisco and Austin. Name is spelled and pronounced like the mineral.


Say Hello

When Cricket needed a new personality, we gave them several...with voices, too.

Mica Dieterich | Art Director | San Fran

Carl's Jr.

The campaign idea that won us a very fun client.


Hostess Cereal

Curious what can happen with a small budget and even

smaller bakery?


WWE x Cricket

A how-to on getting creative when a pandemic hits and all your actors

get sick.


Four for the Holiday

An award winning campaign that involved actor/rapper T.I and Mario Lopez.

Coming Soon

As an Art Director, I thrive in colorful campaigns. As a designer, I have an eye for minimalism.

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