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Hostess Cereal

Our culture is obsessed with all things tiny. We’re creating tiny homes. Tiny doors and “gnome homes” are popping up in unexpected places across the country. Influencers are pleasing millions of eyeballs cooking tiny food for tiny hamsters. And Post decided to partner with Hostess to create real-life tiny Donettes and Honey Buns—as cereal! We knew the only way to promote this tiny creation was to create something tiny

ourselves: the world’s first tiny bakery! For this project, I helped with solving production with the low budget as well as flesh this campaign out to the several other tiny cereals following Twinkies.

digital video

Bakery Tour

Twinkies Cereal

Donettes Cereal Social

Donettes Cereal Social

making of ft. the creative director Shane Fleming


JPEG image 2.jpeg

just how low budget were we?


Creative Director - Shane Fleming

Copywriter - Sarah Sutton

Additional Art Director - Max Cohen 

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