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Fiber and Wireless
All in One

Break out of a basic wireless and internet plan with a music charged campaign featuring DJ TOKiMONSTA and a powerful music video. 


You’ve already conquered the living rooms, the home offices, the gamer rooms, and even the man-caves. But now, it’s time to unleash that GIGillionaire lifestyle beyond your front door and into the outside world. To become a GIGillionaire out in the open. 


It’s time for you to live like a GIGillionaire, in and out of your home.

digital video

*Fun Spot Fact:  the music featured in this advertisement was created by TOKiMONSTA for Missy Elliot? Both artists have faced health challenges throughout their careers, which has brought them closer together and led to frequent collaborations.


Group Creative Director - James Leal-Valias

Creative Director - Lowell Ong

Copywriter - Daisy Swain

Director - India Harris

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